Carey Dodge


Monday, June 23, 2008

other possible sites for outdoor installation

here are some other possible sites that didn't strike me as much

this one has a lot of interesting sonic possibilities... there is a stream running beside the path and there are alot of turns, crossroads and openings through a wooded area... lots of opportunity for surprises

this is very stoic and rock rock rock with creeping vines. it is in the centre of a large rose garden so it smells amazing. i found this interesting but lacking dynamism. more zen. i don't know if i could add anything to it.

the overhangs over the path might offer interesting sonic possibities... e.g. highly directional speakers playing the sound of rain as you walk under... or the sounds of an hour in the past...

this is the quandrangle at queen's university belfast. i thought it might be fun to have tendril-like things hanging from the trees where people are invited by curiosity to pull on them, explore them and thus creating a relationship with the trees in the square...


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